Ramadan Reflections, Day Twenty-four: Sadness

A heavy heart; so much sadness. More lives lost, and the fears of the living are heightened. I cannot bear it – all in the name of hate masked as faith, or anti-faith. All who act to take lives are in the same camp, that of the damned.

A young Muslim girl abducted and killed in Virginia, US. The perpetrator had a baseball bat, and my mind cannot go to that place where I imagine what happened to her, alone and terrified. May she rest in peace.

A terrorist drove a van into worshippers as they were leaving a mosque in the early hours of the morning in London, after late night prayers. The perpetrator said he wanted to ‘kill more Muslims’. He was prevented from being attacked himself by the Imam of the mosque and some other worshippers, who shielded him until the police arrived. He killed one person – somebody’s relative, friend, support – and injured others. I came across this verse in the Qur’an today: ‘Those who leave their homes in the cause of Alla, and are then slain or die – on them will Allah bestow, surely, a goodly Provision: truly Allah is He Who bestows the best Provision’ (23:58). It gave me some comfort, but I am mourning for today’s truth that faith can be the reason that gets you killed.

And every day, people all over the world are being killed or persecuted for not being one way, or being another. Nobody should be killed for their faith. No-one.

This month, full of beautiful blessings and lessons which make me glow, also brings more sombre trials which test me in a different way.

I am moved and inspired by the community I see around me, that I find myself part of despite my own apathy: of humans, Londoners, Muslims, people of faith, who are strong in adamant unity and a defiant ‘no’ to hate and division. I am learning from this, and it’s humbling. It is teaching me about where I belong and who I am in this community, things I thought I already knew.

I am weary today. I pray to God for peace and love in my heart, and the heart of all humanity.


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