Reunited, after too long

Invited into His presence again

Normally so casual and for-granted-taking

– The constancy of the invitation speaks to my ego before my soul –

But this time, I am the parched wanderer who is invited to drink

At the fountain

In the Palace

My soul desires to meet with Him

I am a Child of Adam, commanded to wear my beautiful apparel at every time and place of prayer

I bathe and robe and scent myself

With the excitement and anticipation of meeting my Beloved

Wishing the minutes to pass quickly

So the moment will be here

While my ego and the world will still be lost outside, wandering blindly

…I still have time…

My heart hears Him saying,

‘I am waiting’

I run to meet Him

He, and I –

Communion –

I gratefully disappear

Enveloped by Him

I call His Name and supplicate

He listens, His attention never wavering

Ever Constant

And here is the strength of our love, side-by-side:

I rejoice in my freshly found state of devotion, basking in my temporary escape from the world

As one finally breaks out from land to swim in the sea

Knowing the shore will call me back soon

While He is the Sea

Ever Present

Holding me in His Infinity


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